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Cabané, J. M.; Pons, Arnau; Swartz, Jeffrey. Memòria i Ceguesa. Sabadell: self-published, 2009.

Artist’s book by J. M. Cabané, designed by Mariona Garcia. It includes several texts: “El procés d’un projecte” (“The Process of a Project, 2008) and “Esquerdes en la pintura” (Cracks in the Painting, 2009) by Cabané, where he reflects on the project Memòria i Ceguesa (Memory and Blindness) from his artistic experience; “D'amuntegaments” (About Heaps, 2008), where the poet Arnau Pons reflects on the installation Anamnesi; and “Compromís i inteligència estètica en l’obra de Cabané” (Commitment and Aesthetic Intelligence in the Art of J. M. Cabané 2009) by the art critic Jeffrey Swartz, dealing with the artist’s ethical position and providing an analysis of the ghetto series.
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Cabané, J. M. “Memoria i ceguera”. Quimera, no. 281, Barcelona, 2007, pp. 50-53.

Text by J. M. Cabané in which he reflects on his historical memory project, published in the literary journal Quimera in the monographic dossier “Escrituras del genocidio” (Writings on the Genocide) coordinated by the historian J. M. Lluró. This first text in Spanish was later rewritten and expanded into two texts in Catalan: “El procés d’un projecte” (The Process of a Project, 2008) and “Esquerdes en la pintura” (Cracks in the Painting, 2009).
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Capdevila, Pol. “Josep Maria Cabané’s Memory and Blindness”. Herito, no. 13, Krakow, 2013, pp. 186-201.

“Against Oblivion, Aesthetic Experience. Josep Maria Cabané’s Memory and Blindness”, the complete title of this text written by the art theoretician Pol Capdevila is included in issue number 13, “Conflicts of Memory”, of the bilingual English/Polish journal Herito. Heritage, Culture & the Present, published in Krakow by the International Cultural Centre. This text analyses the use of the sign as a pictorial strategy developed by Cabané in his project on historical memory.
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Capdevila, Pol. “The Sensitivity of Memory” [information sheet of the exhibition Paintings against Oblivion]. La Jonquera: Exile Memorial Museum (MUME), 2012.

Introductory text to the exhibition Paintings against Oblivion by J. M. Cabané at the Exile Memorial Museum in La Jonquera (Girona) in 2012. The art theoretician Pol Capdevila introduces his text by quoting Kant: “Intuitions without concepts are blind, concepts without intuitions are empty.” He discusses the necessary relationship between knowledge and sensitivity to awaken the moral conscience and relates Kant’s aesthetic reflection to Cabané’s work.
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Lluró, Josep Maria. “Mirades catalanes a l'extermini”. In: Carrers de frontera I. Barcelona: Institut Ramon Llull, 2007, pp. 260-265.

“Mirades catalanes a l’extermini” (Catalan Views of Extermination) is a text by the historian Josep Maria Lluró written for the group book Carrers de frontera. Passatges de la cultura alemanya a la cultura catalana (Border Streets. Passages of German Culture in Catalan Culture), edited by Arnau Pons and Simona Skrabec. J. M. Lluró examines the work of Francesc Abad and J. M. Cabané, two Catalan contemporary artists who, using different strategies, have developed projects on the memory of Nazi extermination.
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Lluró, Josep Maria. “Llepar un cor enverinat”, Rels, no. 9. Tortosa, 2006, pp. 36-42.

“Llepar un cor enverinat” (Licking a Poisoned Heart), published in the journal Rels, revista d'idees i cultura, is a text by the historian Josep Maria Lluró in which he addresses the relationship between history and memory and the issue of witnessing and cites two survivors from the Warsaw ghetto interviewed by Claude Lanzmann in the film Shoah (1985). Lluró also asks about Cabané’s internal process in the development of his project and analyses some of his works.
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Mitrani, Àlex. “Projecte Memòria i Ceguesa: K. L. Ebensee i altres quadres”. Papers d’Art, no. 90. Girona, 2006, p. 103.

“Projecte Memòria i Ceguesa: K. L. Ebensee i altres quadres” (Memory and Blindness Project: K. L. Ebensee and Other Paintings) is a critique of the exhibition K. L. Ebensee and Other Paintings by Cabané at the Sala H in Vic (Barcelona) in 2006. In this text from the journal Papers d'Art, published by the Fundació Espais d'Art Contemporani in Girona, the art critic and curator Àlex Mitrani provides a general introduction to the artist’s project, individually analyses some works in the exhibition and also examines the techniques and materials used.
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Pons, Arnau. “D'amuntegaments”. In: Anuari Can Xalant 02 / 2007. Mataró, 2008, pp. 92-98.

In “D’amuntegaments” (About Heaps), the poet Arnau Pons wrote these reflections on the installation Anamnesi, presented by J. M. Cabané within the cycle Beckett 101 at Can Xalant-Centre of Contemporary Creation and Thought in Mataró (Barcelona) in 2007. The text ends with the poem Tenebrae by Paul Celan, translated by Arnau Pons himself.
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